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About us

Our mission statement

Creating healthier, more productive workplaces - we promote the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of our clients by providing professional occupational health, counselling, coaching and mediation services.

We offer a caring, proactive approach to improving the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of staff.


  • conduct our business with integrity, honesty and reliability, while recognising and respecting the values and diversity of others
  • provide a professional, ethical and confidential service through high standards of safe, competent and ethical practice within professional guidelines.
  • are accountable at all times for the decisions that are made
  • support and improve the performance and positive attendance of employees to help meet business needs.
  • offer a skilled and professional occupational health service that looks at the effects of work on the health of an employee and the health of an employee on the effects of their work.
  • offer professional, confidential, counselling and coaching.
  • offer consultancy and mediation services to organisations experiencing conflict.
  • provide training and development opportunities to organisations and or individuals to support their work.

We can tailor services to match your needs, bringing value to your business by:

  • reducing absence and associated costs
  • improving productivity
  • recognising corporate and social responsibilities.