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Sometimes debt is overwhelming. We understand that a change in circumstances such as a reduction in income, or the break-up of a relationship could land you in serious financial trouble and that comprehensive, reliable free debt advice is hard to come by.

Debt counselling

Debt counselling is a skill which requires specific knowledge of consumer law and the government benefit system. The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) advisors are experts in this field and we work with them to offer advice and information. 

If you are looking for financial support we can offer four face-to-face sessions with a financial advisor at the CAB centre nearest to you.

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Debt support tool

PayPlan have an online service run by trained, non-judgemental, impartial and totally confidential debt advisors. They offer guidance tailored to the level of debt you have. You can get practical advice on how to manage debt, assess resources, allocate resources to meet creditor demands, assess your mortgage commitments and deal with threatened/actual court actions. PayPlan can offer in depth support to individuals with serious financial problems including those requiring Individual voluntary arrangements.