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Lifestyle and family

Couple counselling

We have an agreement with Relate, the UK's largest provider of relationship counselling, to provide a fast track service for referrals to make sure no one has to wait more than 7 days for an appointment to be offered.

There are three independent Relate centres in Kent, as well as their outstations, so you won't have to travel far for an appointment.

To support individuals/couples who may not wish to attend a Relate centre or where there may be difficulties with appropriate appointment times or locations, we have advisors who are trained to work with couples and resolve marital issues.

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Legal advice

We provide specialist guidance on a wide range of non-commercial problems such as consumer issues, housing, marital, tenancy and many others.

We have access to a team of legal professionals who provide high quality legal advice and services. The team has an excellent working relationship with a significant number of legal services within the Kent area. The legal team are able to give guidance under the different legal systems in the UK and to put employees in touch with appropriate resources. 

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