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Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused conversation that helps raise awareness, improve performance and increase satisfaction and personal growth.

Career coaching

We provide tailored career coaching programmes to help individuals make their career work for them. Designed to help staff address career issues or choices, we can provide support including:

  • information on career options
  • discussions around career decisions
  • practical guidance on searching for a job, writing a CV and preparing for interviews.

Workplace coaching

Workplace coaching is a chance for staff to work with a trained coach to unlock their personal potential and maximise performance. For individuals, workplace coaching is about maximising your potential in your career, achieving the results you want and enjoying your role.

Return to work coaching

We've designed this service to help staff address the psychological, emotional or physical barriers that may be preventing their recovery and integration back into the workplace after long term absence or repeated short term absences from work.

The programme offers individuals the time to actively consider the content of their work and relate this to their development.

The programme will give staff the tools to help them:

  • understand their situation and how to respond to the pressures they face
  • build their confidence and resilience
  • think about the situations they are dealing with in different ways and recognise the choices available
  • take action to deal with the difficulties they encounter
  • learn new skills which will help them influence 'difficult' relationships
  • find ways to take better care of themselves at work
  • create useful plans that they are committed to
  • establish actions that will sustain change.

Conflict coaching

Conflict Coaching is a one-to-one structured process which supports employees to be more effective when dealing with conflict.

This can be used by participants who maybe currently involved in a dispute, or when conflict is anticipated or wanting to reflect and learn from past conflicts.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain confidence and feel empowered to deal with conflict situations
  • Develop more effective responses and behaviour choices
  • Develop strategies and solutions to deal with disputes
  • An opportunity for self-reflection and increased self-awareness
  • A supportive and confidential environment in which the coach can be used as a ‘sounding board’

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