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Mediation at work

As most businesses know, formal grievance procedures can be extremely time-consuming and costly.

Preventing and resolving conflict early using professional mediation can be highly effective in stopping workplace problems from escalating. Mediation can save valuable time and money, maintain morale in the wider workforce, and allow people to concentrate on their core roles.

Our highly trained, expert mediators give people the opportunity to communicate privately and constructively with each other, in a safe and secure environment, to reach solutions acceptable to everyone involved.

There are a range of reasons that may cause conflict to arise, including:

  • personality clashes
  • poor communication/misunderstandings
  • inability to accept criticism
  • insecurity and defensiveness
  • feelings of being undervalued
  • inappropriate use of authority

Conflict consultation service

When managers need help and advice where interpersonal difficulties have arisen in a team or department, our consultation service is here to recommend the most suitable approach. Support Line fully understands the wider, sensitive issues that are key to managing conflict in the workplace. We will work proactively with your managers and teams to achieve commitment to positive outcomes which serve the interests of the organisation and the individuals concerned.

We also provide mediation and conflict management training for managers to handle these issues in-house.

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