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Support Line

With ever increasing pressures at work and at home, there are bound to be occasions when it seems difficult to balance the demands of everyday life. Problems arise, often unexpectedly, in the lives of the most well-organised people.

When your employees are distracted by challenging personal issues, it can be difficult for them to focus at work — and vice versa. However, they may not always wish to, nor may it be practical, to confide in someone at work.

By offering confidential and independent Employee Support to your employees, they can find the information and support they need to help them gain a better work-life balance and ensure that their contribution in the workplace is not compromised.

Our comprehensive service offers genuine flexibility and can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your organisation and your employees.

We are committed to promoting and supporting employee health and well being by providing accessible, confidential and professional services.

The principle service components offer employees:

  • Workplace mediation
  • Short-term, face-to-face or structured counselling for individuals and couples
  • In-house expertise including accredited counsellers, careers advisers, mediators & coaches
  • Practical and emotional support on a wide range of work, personal and family issues.

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