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Why invest in Support Line Counselling

Stress-related leave taken by teaching staff increased by 14% between 2009-2011* with teachers taking off 60,000 days a year due to stress related issues. Competing priorities, rising workloads, rapid change and financial pressures are an inevitable part of modern life in the workplace.

When the pressures of life and work get too much, they can have a knock on effect on everything we do, including our performance at work. 

Studies show counselling is effective in helping to manage anxiety, stress and depression for the majority of people. 

We provide a highly-professional, confidential counselling service which helps build your resilience, looks at your perception of stress and offers you practical steps to help meet your aims within the sessions.

Creating a wellbeing package for your workforce can be effective to support your staff through difficulties, helping them to remain positive about work. In turn this can help improve their individual well being as well as the health of the whole school.

"It is becoming clear that improving the health of individual teachers and embedding this concept in the culture of schools, not only helps the workforce upon who the education system relies, but also impacts positively on the standards of education that pupils receive."

Julian Stanley, 2 Nov 2011 SecEd. CEO of the UK's Teacher Support Network

Reducing the cost of work-related stress

Work-related stress has a quantifiable cost to industry. Stress-related absence accounts for half of all sickness from work, with an estimated price tag of $4 billion worldwide. In the UK, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) calculates the cost of workplace absence to the economy is £10.5 billion. The Industrial Society puts it as £13 billion. 

The bill consists of the cost of employing workers on a temporary basis to cover full time staff affected by sickness (whether it's mental, emotional or physical illness) and the cost of replacing staff when they leave their posts as a result of prolonged stress and negative perceptions of work.

According to recent research, when organisations use a workplace counselling service, on average the counselling saved 5.6 times the cost of the service, when looking at the reduction in stress levels among staff. When measuring the increased levels of employee attendance as a result, the saving was 6.6 times the cost of the counselling. 

These figures show counselling is a real and worthwhile investment in the well being of your most valuable asset – your team.

To find out more about our counselling techniques or to discuss the total cost of our packages for your school with no obligation, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions, or look at our Support Line Counselling packages.

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