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Hepatitis B vaccination

Get vaccinated and get protected against Hepatitis B. 

Hepatitis is a general term which means inflammation of the liver. It is caused by infection with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) which can be found in body fluids. This virus can be transmitted whenever body fluids come into contact with the broken skin of an uninfected person.

At risk of infection are:

  • healthcare workers
  • people who might come into contact with body fluids, including sewage workers and emergency services workers.
  • people who might have injuries and come into contact with others with injuries.
  • foster carers and people who live or work in accommodation for people with severe learning disabilities.
  • prison staff and prison inmates
  • laboratory work forensic, research
  • first aiders
  • people who work in some local government roles including street cleaning, park maintenance, rubbish disposal and public toilet maintenance.

Safe, effective vaccine

The vaccine is safe and works very well to prevent the disease. This vaccine has successfully been proven to prevent infection in people exposed to the virus.
You'll get three doses of the vaccine over several months, usually in your upper arm.

After having the vaccine, your body will develop protective antibodies and immunity to hepatitis B virus infection. Get more advice on the Hep B vaccine from the NHS.

How much will this cost?

Charges for Hepatitis B vaccinations and blood tests are variable as dependent on individual past immunisation history.

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